Touch 340 Nobilia Kitchen


Handleless kitchens are one of the most popular choices when it comes to new kitchens. Offering a streamlined, uninterrupted and elegant appearance, handleless kitchens take up less room, eliminate the risk of catching your clothes and reduce cleaning.

Vetra 951 Nobilia Kitchen


Make your new kitchen feel modern, open and spacious by specifying integrated handles with a wide choice of Integrated Handles to choose from our kitchen designers will help you create a perfectly streamlined run from one kitchen unit to the next.

Laser 413 Nobilia Kitchen


A Matt finish kitchen is the perfect choice to create a calm yet sophisticated design that never seems to go out of date. With an extensive range of traditional and modern styles, as well as the classic shaker style, plus many colours to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone.

Focus 472 Nobilia Kitchen


Gloss Kitchens offer a very modern kitchen design and can quickly make a statement. A good quality High-Gloss kitchen can be great at reflecting light, especially when choosing lighter colours which can give the impression of a bigger room. Choose lighting to complement your design choices.

York 901 Nobilia Kitchen


Our range of traditional and shaker kitchens deliver a clean and stylish finish with a timeless appeal.

Flash 501


If Handleless kitchens are not for you, don’t worry. We offer our kitchens with a extensive range of handle options covering practical or elegant, extravagant or discreet designs to suit every customer need.