Dave (Managing Director)

Interesting fact: Just your average Ginger Cockney living up North who used to design and build log cabins…

How They Can Help: No matter how busy I am, I’m always available to help customers and assist in any queries you may have.

Favourite Radiator & Why: Aeon Acheron Stainless Steel Electric radiator – I love this piece as it’s more than just a radiator. It’s a massive feature point for any room and it looks like it has its own habitat.

Favourite music: Old school rock helps me get going in the morning. However, I am a sucker for a bit of Clubland when getting ready for a deal/meeting

Favourite thing about Luxus: Everything. It’s my life.

Lewis Birch (Chief Executive Officer)

Interesting fact: I sailed on my dads 120-year-old yacht for the last 30 years                                 

How They Can Help: I have extensive product knowledge and vast experience dealing with suppliers.

Favourite Bath & Why: BC Designs Copper/Nickel Boat Bath – I love this bath because it’s made traditionally handcrafted so every bath ordered is unique. 

Favourite music: My favorite band has got to be Oasis. 

Favourite thing about Luxus: Building an award-winning team of staff

Andrew (Accounts & Office Manager)

Interesting fact: The moon isn’t made out of cheese!

How They Can Help: I Process refunds once directed by the sales team. Help set up trade accounts with billing support. Keep our suppliers happy with regular payments within terms to ensure deliveries to our customers are as swift as possible.

Favourite Radiator & Why: Love the Aeon Abacus radiator with its bright colors, would be a great talking point.

Favourite music: My favorite music would tend to go down the Rock / Indie route, old school Arctic Monkeys or Stereophonics. 

Favourite thing about Luxus: I love The laid back but hardworking team who really look after the customer.

Gus (Ecommerce Manager)

Interesting fact: I lived in the French Alps before coming to work at Luxus.

How They Can Help: I can help with any technical website “thingamabobby”.

Favourite Bath & Why: My favorite bath is the BC Designs Kurv with plinth cian stone bath. This is because of its luxurious shape, it’s made from stone which is durable and it’s easy to maintain.

Favourite Film: My favorite films would be the whole Harry Potter series, I’m not going to choose or apologize for this.

Favourite thing about Luxus: The sheer Growth we’ve experienced in the past year and a bit. It’s very exciting and encouraging for the future of Luxus and our team. 

Cam (Sales Manager)

Interesting fact: Mountain climber with a fear of heights

How They Can Help: I take care of the sales & the support team (trade and domestic)

Favourite Radiator & Why: My favourite radiator is the Lux Heat Oxford because the size and finish options are endless!

Favourite Film: Shutter Island (I still can’t get over that ending!)

Favourite thing about Luxus: Work hard, play hard is our motto on Sales. Our relaxed yet efficient workspace is what keeps everything running as it should.

Dylan (Customer Service Assistant)

Interesting fact: When I was 14, I had a trial for Liverpool (the greatest team in the world…) AND I was born in New Zealand

How They Can Help: I pride myself on going the extra mile for our customers. I enjoy helping people whenever I can and love being a people person. Let’s get you your dream radiator and bath!

Favourite Radiator & Why: My dream radiator has to be the Aeon Ecstasy.  The spirals make it one of our most eye-catching pieces of heating design. Also, it has amazing heat output so it’s not just pretty to look at!

Favourite music: I love Jamie Webster.

Favourite thing about Luxus: I love the friendly hardworking team! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the free food Fridays too!

Jade (Customer Service Advisor)

Interesting fact: I auditioned for a show on Disney channel when I was 9 and made it through to the final rounds until I broke my ankle and couldn’t carry on. I could have been Miley Cyrus.  

How They Can Help: I have a wide product knowledge and eye for detail, I am also very enthusiastic in helping customers achieve their radiator goals.

Favourite Radiator & Why: The Terma Hex in Bright copper, I love how unique it is and how it can transform a room.

Favourite film: My favourite film is The Holiday (gotta love a chick flick)

Favourite thing about Luxus: It has to be the work environment and support, I also love the potential we have here to take over the radiator world.

Jax (Customer Service Advisor)

Interesting fact: Instagram influencer who promotes healthy living and sportswear for women.

How They Can Help: I have 2 years of intensive experience within the market. With this experience and my love for helping and meeting new people, I can help you find your perfect product.

Favourite Radiator & Why: Carisa adagio because, in my opinion, it’s the most luxurious feature piece we have.

Favourite music: My favorite music has got to be Pink Floyd.

Favourite thing about Luxus: The team truly has a family feel. Also, the temperature of the office is nice and toasty…which is much appreciated!

Erica (Business Development Executive)

Interesting fact: I can bend my elbows the wrong way.

How They Can Help: I look after all the trade customers.

Favourite Radiator & Why: My favourite radiator has got to be the Eskimo Outline Blackboard. I love how its multi-functional.

Favourite music: My favourite music artist will always be Oasis.

Favourite thing about Luxus: My favourite thing about Luxus Design has definitely got to be the team. All of them were so welcoming when I started here and willing to help

Graham (Data Administrator)


Interesting fact: I’m designing and building my own house.

How They Can Help: I support our marketing and sales teams’ efforts through data entry.

Favourite Radiator & Why: My Favorite radiator has to be the Vogue Carina Towel Radiator because it maximizes storage space whilst being stylish.

Favourite Music: I like most music. If it’s catchy or has a good message, I’m good with it. Nothing in the charts though it’s usually all garbage…

Favourite thing about Luxus: I love how we are trusted to the max as employees. I love the headphone-friendly policy too!

Ryan (Data Administrator)


Interesting fact: Before I moved there, Kenny Baker (the man inside R2-D2) lived on my street.

How They Can Help: Through Data Entry, creating a better experience for using the different websites.

Favourite Radiator & Why: My favourite radiator has to be the Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Radiator, due to its eye-catching look while remaining practical in its design.

Favourite Music: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (but the whole trilogy really).

Favourite thing about Luxus: The team is friendly and supportive, and the overall atmosphere creates a positive work environment where employees are trusted.

Leon (Data Inputter)


Interesting fact: I own 4 signed shirts from the greatest football club of all time. Preston North End.

How They Can Help: By making sure the information on the website is correct and working as intended.

Favourite Radiator & Why: Carisa Klips, its eye-catching shape, can add distinctiveness to any bathroom, all whilst having an adequate heat output.

Favourite Film: Football Factory

Favourite thing about Luxus: Terrific working environment brings the best out of everyone.


Dan (Digital Marketing Strategist)

Interesting fact: In my free time I write about underground bands and design posters for them

How They Can Help: Through years of experience in marketing I’ve developed skills in different disciplines. This translates to me being able to develop and execute digital strategies across SEO/website content, CRO experiments, emails, social and PR to drive traffic

Favourite Bath & Why: My favorite bath has got to be the Villandry Cast Iron Bath because it looks incredibly comfy and stylish.

Favourite Music: Catch me listening to The Clash over and over.

Favourite thing about Luxus: Definitely the people. Everybody has a role to play and everyone is important and we’re made to feel as such.

Tom (Digital Marketing Executive )

Interesting fact: I shot Paddy McGuinness at paintballing.

How They Can Help: After years of experience in marketing, I have learned many skills. My main duties include; performing market research, developing and implementing SEO strategies and creating content to aid in the success of marketing campaigns.

Favourite Radiator & Why: My favourite radiator has to be the Ancona bench seat. I love a radiator that is more than just a radiator. The Ancona combines style with functionality.

Favourite Film: I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. I struggle to pick a favourite but if I had to choose, it would be Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Favourite thing about Luxus: It’s hard to pick a single favourite thing about Luxus. After working at a number of companies, none compare to Luxus. The friendly & helpful owners and staff were the first things I noticed. 

Jackie (Bedroom Manager)


Interesting fact: I often go on big treks with my friends and family.

How They Can Help:I believe that it is important to listen to our customer’s needs,  and then using my wealth of knowledge which I have gained over many years advise them and guide them through the process of creating their dream bedroom.

Favourite bedroom & Why: I have many favorite colors and designs. However, I particularly like stone grey. It is a warm color with a touch of depth which gives it a classy yet contemporary feel.  Warm colors are great for matching carpets, curtains and accessories. I love the volante glass sliding doors and the quality of our furniture is excellent.

Favourite Music: I am an 80’s girl, I love all 80’s music however I have to admit “Haircut 100” is my favourite

Favourite thing about Luxus: My answer would be the team. All the guys and girls are so helpful, polite and extremely knowledgeable which lends itself to Luxus giving great customer service. 

Dave (Warehouse Manager)


Interesting fact: I have met Gianfranco Zola…he is tiny! 

How They Can Help: I handle all of our customer’s orders and I’m able to use my extensive knowledge to help you whenever I can.

Favourite Radiator & Why: It’s got to be the Eucotherm  Mars Vitro Picture Triple Vertical Radiator.  the picture on the radiator looks outstanding and beautiful.

Favourite Film: I’m a HUGE Marvel fan! so ANY of the Marvel films.

Favourite thing about Luxus: The hours are great AND I love fat food Friday